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ZyanComponentHost class

Namespace: Zyan.Communication

Hosts components and publishes them for remote access.

Member Description
method.png Constructor Creates a new component host instance.
method.png Dispose Quits component hosting and frees used ressources.
method.png GetRegisteredComponents Returns a list with all registered components.
method.png PublishEvent Publishes a component´s event on the notification service.
method.png RegisterComponent Registers a component in the Host´s component catalog.
method.png StartNotificationService Starts the notification service.
method.png StopNotificationService Stops the notification service.
method.png UnregisterComponent Cancels the registration of a specified component.
property.png ComponentCatalog Sets the component catalog used for pubishing components.
property.png Hosts (static) Returns a list of all components hosts in the current AppDomain.
property.png IsNotificationServiceRunning Returns true, if the notification service is running, otherwise false.
property.png Name Returns the name of the component host.
property.png NotificationService Returns the notification service.
property.png SessionManager Returns the session manager.
property.png SerializationHandling Returns a repository for hooking up custom serialization handlers.
event.png AfterInvoke Event: Occurs after a component method was called.
event.png BeforeInvoke Event: Occurs before a component method is called.
event.png InvokeCanceled Event: Occurs when a component method call was canceled.
event.png ClientLoggedOn Event: Occurs after a client logged on.
event.png ClientLoggedOff Event: Occurs after a client logged off.

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