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ZyanConnection class

Namespace: Zyan.Communication

Creates a connection to a running Zyan component host.

Member Description
method.png Constructor Create a new connection.
method.png CreateProxy<T> Creates a local proxy object for communication with a specified server component.
method.png SubscribeEvent Registers a client for receiving notifications of a specified event.
method.png UnsubscribeEvent Cancels a client event subscription.
method.png Dispose Closes connection to server and release managed resources.
property.png ComponentHostName Returns the name of the remote component host.
property.png Connections (static) Returns a collection of all existing connections.
property.png ServerUrl Returns the URL of the connected server.
property.png CallInterceptionEnabled Gets or sets, if registered call interceptors should be processed or not.
property.png CallInterceptors Returns a list of registered call interceptors.
property.png SerializationHandling Returns a repository for hooking up custom serialization handlers.
event.png AfterInvoke Event: Occurs after a component method was called.
event.png BeforeInvoke Event: Occurs before a component method is called.
event.png InvokeCanceled Event: Occurs when a component method call was canceled.
event.png Error Event: Occurs when a error is raised while processing a remote call. Useful for logging or centralized error handling.

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