Server events doesn't work at all clients, if at one client broken wire.

At Mono SubscriptionCanceled - does not coming. I have server and client, if i remove ethernet cable from pc and client programm is reconected in Windows i can see SubscriptionCanceled event, but...

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[en] Remote LINQ issue (cross joins)

Some linq-over-zyan queries involving cross joins result in exceptions. They work well locally, but don't work remotely. The original bug report follows: Issue #dev-56 вот этот запрос var dataConte...

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[en] Two TcpEx channels and events

An app has two TcpEx-based connections to two different servers. Maxim Sobolev reports that events are only marshaled to the first connection. Sample project is attached. The original error report ...

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[en] Port to Xamarin.iOS

TODO: — Replace RealProxy with custom proxy engine (generated at compile time) — Check if we can use BinaryFormatter or find a replacement — Check if we can use remoting classes from Mono

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[en] Zyan over SignalR

SignalR is a great portable duplex network RPC library developed by ASP.NET team. It works in .NET and Javascript. I think it can work as an underlying RPC layer in Zyan. Let's play with it a bit....

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[en] Potential bugs discovered using static code analysis tools

Content may not be empty, so here it is.

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[Serializable] not available in WindowsRT

The [Serializable] attribute is not available for WindowsRT apps, or any apps that require the .Net portable class library. Consider changing your stuff to the DataContractSerializer, which is sup...

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[en] Bluetooth protocol (transport channel)?

Let's investigate if we could implement duplex bluetooth transport channel for Zyan.

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[en] Exception using named pipe client

Hi, I'm probably just doing something wrong, but the documentation isn't particularly helpful for anything other than TCP. I've declared my host as such: _host = new ZyanComponentHost("aname", ...

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[en] TcpEx: retry settings are ignored

Duplex channel has MaxRetries and RetryDelay properties: But they are completely ignored when the connection is first established: // Conn...

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