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Some portions of the Zyan source code based on or inspired by existing work.
Because of that, I credit the authors and pay great respect on their performance.

If you are of the opinion, that I violate any legal term with the usage of your existing work, please contact me and I will remove the affected code portions.

TCP Duplex Remoting Channel is based on:

TcpEx Remoting Channel
Version 1.2 — November 18, 2003
Richard Mason —

Originally published at GotDotNet:

License: BSD License
Copyright © 2003 Richard Mason. All Rights Reserved.

LINQ support is based on:

Release 1.0 — October 12, 2010

Pascal Schaefer — Software developer at Geberit International AG (
Manuel Bauer — Swiss Software Solution Center (

License: Apache 2.0 License

Compression sinks are based on:

Remoting Compression Channel Sink
CodeProject article, published 12 Nov 2008

Alexander Schmidt —

License: The Code Project Open License (CPOL) 1.02

LZF compressor:

LibLZF, a very small data compression library —
Mark Lehmann —
License: BSD License (2-clause) or GPL v2

C# port of the LibLZF
Oren J. Maurice — oymaurice(at)
License: BSD License (3-clause) or GPL v2

C# port of the LibLZF —
Roman "Kel" Atachiants —
License: New BSD License (BSD)

Custom thread pool is based on:

Building a custom thread pool blog post series
Written by Joe Duffy, © 2008.

.NET 4.0 classes for the .NET 3.5 version are taken from:

Mono project
Release 2.10.2 — April 25, 2011

ConcurrentDictionary<TKey, T>, ConcurrentQueue<T>, SplitOrderedList<TKey, T>
Copyright © 2009 Jérémie "Garuma" Laval

Zoltan Varga —
Marek Safar —
Copyright © 2009 Novell

License: MIT/X11 License

Unit testing platform abstraction layer:

Original idea by Roman Ivantsov

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